Chapter 1. Getting, installing and using EPulse

Table of Contents

1. Download
1.1. Windows
1.2. Unix (and possibly MacOS X)
1.3. BeOS
2. Using EPulse
2.1. Windows
2.2. Unix
2.3. BeOS

1. Download

You'll need to download epulse from the epulse sourceforge project. The file to download depends on your operating system.

1.1. Windows

Please note that I haven't tested epulse on a lot of different Windows systems. If it doesn't work on your system please send me an e-mail (silverfuture at

Simply download the epulse-win32 setup file and execute it.

1.2. Unix (and possibly MacOS X)

There isn't any binary version for Unix, you must download the sources (epulse-src). Install the sources where you want and read the arch/Unix/BUILDING.TXT file. This should also work with MacOS X if you have the development tools, but I haven't tested it.

You'll need the libxml2 and libiconv libraries compiled and installed on your system before you compile epulse.

1.3. BeOS

Download the epulse-beos package and open it. It will install epulse, with the library if you don't have it.