Chapter 3. Using XXE to create EPulse files

(this part of the manual isn't finished)

XXE is a great XML editor with a graphical interface. EPulse has some configuration files to let you use XXE to edit epulse files. Tu use XXE, you must first download it, here. This is a Java application, and it requires a Sun java virtual machine, version 1.4 or higher. If you are under Windows, just download the Windows auto-installable binary distribution, bundled with a JavaTM 1.4.1_02 runtime, and everything will be installed for you.

With epulse you'll find a epulse-xxe folder. Move this folder to your xxe configuration folder (Windows 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\xxe2\config where <user> is your user name, Windows 95/98/Me: C:\Program Files\XMLMind_XML_Editor\config, Unix: $HOME/.xxe2/config) and you are ready to use XXE. You can create a new file (click on new, and then on the epulse template) or open an axisting epulse file.

To edit the file, use the right panel, in the 'edition' tab. The 'Replace', 'Insert Before', 'Insert', and 'Insert after' are very useful. When you want to insert a new waveform, the waveform element will be placed with its parameters. The parameters are constant by default, but to change them in a modulation parameter just select the value, click on 'Replace' and 'fromwaveform'.

Figure 3.1. XXE editing a section

XXE editing a section

Figure 3.2. XXE editing a program

XXE editing a program